Masaoka Glass Design- Studio


Masaoka Glass Design has been at the forefront of contemporary window design for over three decades.  The studio is highly regarded for its architectural stained glass window commissions, which integrate distinctive designs with the finest materials available to create windows of unparalleled brilliance and quality.


The studio’s designers work in collaboration with our clients to create a shared vision of beauty and distinction in stained glass.  Our designs can be used to provide a dramatic statement, enhance a theme, or compliment an architectural design.  Designs are created individually for each client’s needs taking into consideration the surrounding environment, the availability of light, and the need for privacy.


Masaoka Glass Design utilizes a range of glass working techniques to achieve our design visions.  Leading, etching, beveling, fusing, slumping, blowing, casting, and reverse painting on glass are some of the various glass working techniques we incorporate into our projects.  Our staff prides itself on hand crafting our windows to the highest standards to insure consistent top quality results.


Masaoka Glass Design serves architects, designers, builders, and homeowners.  Each project is individually priced; please contact us for further details.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.