Design Sense

When I design I try to think of the material I’m going to use in the design so that the material fits with any shape or color, the opacity, the luminosity of the glass. I have to think about that when I do my designs. I have to know all the different companies that make the glass, the particular pieces I am going to use, and how that works within my design sense of the window. And I have to know everything about how it will work with the lead and the solder and the zinc for the perimeter.


I also have to know how the piece is going to be installed. A lot of times I have to research the location and the spot where it is going to be. And the installation is so much a part of the design; it is a part of the house or architecture. Everything works together. Nothing is more important; there is not one without the other. It’s all important.

So I have to think about how the window is installed in the home or in the business and I think about the design and I must make sure that it works. I have to think about the installation and how strong it is, how powerfully the design itself works within the building. It is amazing how that is done and you don’t learn that until the end after you have been doing it for a while.