Quiet River

Sometimes the pieces will have themes such as the piece we are working on now for the General Hospital of San Francisco; its theme is a quiet river, which evokes a certain kind of mood through the pieces I select. Glass is forever a liquid and I am playing with that.


When doing a public project or any artistic work you want to bring out the form of the glass. The glass I am using for Quiet River is a Reamy glass, that is a German hand blown glass. It has a unique texture that gives the feeling of the flow of water. I use that to create the feeling of flowing like a river. It gives it that depth and atmosphere so that when you are surrounded by it you will feel like you are in the water in this flow of the window itself.

I want people to identify with that and this informs my choice in the glass.


It is a hospital that these windows will be installed in, so I think water is a very meditative healing form. It is said that we came from the ocean, we came from the sea, and we are 90% water within ourselves. I think there is a feeling of wanting to return to the water, I think we are drawn to the water as a process of healing. I think that is part of our nature.